Scotland's Whisky Distilleries: Tobermory
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Scotland's Whisky Distilleries: Tobermory

Here we will take a look at one of the most famous whisky distilleries in Scotland, that of Tobermory. it comes to whisky drinking, one has much to choose from. Four different types of whisky are produced in Scotland and there are many different brands that make different types of whisky. There really is a huge choice of flavours and types for the whisky drinker. Here we will take a look at one of the most famous whisky distilleries in Scotland, that of Tobermory.

(Tobermory - Image via Wikipedia)

Core Range

  • Tobermory 10 year old
  • Ledaig 10 year old

Signature Malt

The signature malt of the Tobermory whisky distillery has to be the Tobermory 10 year old. It is a whisky that has a rather light and refreshing taste that has a good hint of malt throughout which will please the palate no end.

Special mention must also go to the Ledaig 1972 which is becoming somewhat rare. It is a whisky that has a perfect blend of sherry wood and peat smoke, which comes together to make a whisky that is as close to perfection as you will ever get.

The Distillery

In the not too distant past, the Tobermory whisky distillery produced whisky that has been bottled as a single malt, a blend and a vatted malt, all under the same name and in bottles that are nearly identical. Confusing to the consumer, perhaps, but nowadays the distillery produce a clearly marked 10 year old single malt. That malt, because the warehouses of the distillery was sold off to make flats, has to be matured on the mainland. The Tobermory whisky distillery also produces a peated version of the malt known as Ledaig (pronounced ‘Led-chig’) which is fast gaining as good a reputation as the other one.

If you ever see pictures of Tobermory you may well recognise it from something. Allow me to put your mind at ease. Tobermory is the setting for the children’s TV series Balamory. (What’s the story in Balamory, wouldn’t you like to know) although, it is highly unlikely to see much of a whisky distillery in a children’s TV programme. Nonetheless, the Tobermory whisky distillery is located right at the front of the town Tobermory, right beside the beach.

The Tobermory whisky distillery offers tours and is open from Easter to the end of September, Monday to Friday. Out-with those months, tours can be arranged by appointment only. Visitors are greeted and shown a short film about the distillery before embarking on the tour to see it first hand. Another good thing about it is that it gives you the opportunity to purchase a third whisky produced at Tobermory called Iona Athol. It is a vatting of Ledaig and Tobermory and is only sold on Mull and nearby Iona!

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