Yet Another 10 More Morsels Of Trivia About Scotland
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Yet Another 10 More Morsels Of Trivia About Scotland

10 morsels of trivia about Scotland

1. Superstition was rife in Scotland in the 18th century, so much so that legend had it that if a black swan appeared among the MacFarlane flock on Loch Lomond the chief of the clan would lose everything. Not wanting to take the chance, when a black swan did turn up the 23rd chief of MacFarlane sold Arrochar and emigrated to America!

2. In 1535 Robert Spittal was refused passaged over the River Teith in Perthshire as he didn't have the exact change to pay the ferryman. His revenge was to subsequently build a bridge over the river and put the ferryman out of business!

3. In medieval Scotland starvation was one of the biggest causes of death. Not in the case of Douglas Earl James who, on his death in the year of 1443, was found to have a total of four stones of tallow in his stomach!

4. In 1528, a valuable cargo of cinnamon became shipwrecked on the East Lothian coast. Locals who found the hoard had no idea of the real value of it and instead mistook it for common tree bark and burnt the lot as fuel on their cottage fires!

5. It is claimed that the first ever Scot to be known by name was the first century military leader Calgacus who was a thorn in the side of the invading Roman army! On the flip side, there is a school of thought that Calgacus was fictitious and was dreamed up by the Roman historian Tacitus!

6. The first ever moving picture show on record in Scotland took place at Balmoral Castle under the watchful eye of Queen Victoria who had seen local man William Walker filming at the Braemar Gathering and wanted to watch the 'movie' herself in the comfort of her own home!

7. Many woman in medieval Scotland were employed as 'fordswomen' - their job description was to carry gentleman across swollen rivers on their back!

8. The first General Manager of the BBC was Lord Reith, from Stonehaven, Scotland. He banned the word 'drawers' from any programme on the BBC because he feared it would promote lusty thoughts!

9. The very first recorded hole in one at golf was struck at 1868 by the famous golfer Tom Morris at the Prestwick's golf course 8th hole during the Open Championship!

10. For those of you who didn't know, the Scottish town of Milngavie is pronounce 'Millguy'! It is not the onlye Scottish place name that is pronounced totally different from who it is written, there is also: Athelstaneford (Ale-sten-ford), Alyth (Ale-ith), Auchencrow (Edincrow), Faray (Fara), Holm (Ham), Lerwick (Lerrick), Ravenstruther (Renstrie), Strathaven (Straven) and Tillicoultry (Tillicootry)!

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